Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on December 9, 2015

Q: The Iraqi side called the arrival of Turkish forces in northern Iraq as a violation of its sovereignty and asked them to leave immediately. Russia has asked the UN Security Council to hold discussions on that. What is China's comment?

A: The Chinese side follows closely what is going on and has noted that defense ministers of Turkey and Iraq have had a phone conversation on that. We call on all relevant parties to further increase communication and coordination so as to solve the relevant problem through dialogues. The Chinese side believes that we should deal with state-to-state relationship in accordance with purposes and principles of the UN Charter as well as other widely-recognized basic norms governing international relations, and that Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity shall be respected.

The international community is faced with a grave situation and daunting tasks in the fight against terrorism. Coordination and cooperation among all parties are badly needed to strike terrorism as one. What is more, we should give full play to the leading role of the UN and the Security Council. All counter-terrorism actions shall be conducted in keeping with international law and relevant resolutions of the Security Council and with the consent of parties concerned to genuinely safeguard peace and stability of a country and a region.

Q: The UN Committee Against Torture is going to release a report on China later today. Is the Chinese side concerned that it might be criticized in the report? How will China respond?

A: I cannot comment on a report which is yet to be released. China is pushing forward in an all-round manner the law-based state governance. Great efforts and remarkable achievements have been made in all sectors including anti-torture, which are there for all to see. It is hoped that the relevant committee could be objective and just about the relevant issue.

Q: The UN Security Council is planning to hold a meeting on human rights in the DPRK. China raised an objection to that. Why is that?

A: We believe that the issue of human rights shall be approached through constructive dialogues and cooperation. China is always opposed to the Security Council's intervention in issues concerning a country's human rights. We hope that all parties would bear in mind peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and do more to lower tensions and increase dialogues and mutual trust.

Q: US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said things about stopping Muslims who are not US citizens from coming to the US. How does China react to that? What kind of picture does that paint about the US?

A: I have no comment on the relevant remarks by US Republican presidential candidate Trump as they fall within the domestic affairs of the US. Our long-standing position is that the Chinese side opposes all forms of terrorism and calls for united international efforts against terrorism. We stand against linking terrorism with specific ethnic groups or religions.

Q: Japanese media reported that India has agreed to adopt Japanese bullet train technology for a high-speed railway linking Mumbai and Ahmadabad. The Chinese side also bade for cooperation with India in the bullet train sector. The reason for India to make such a choice appears to be that China's loans are costly. How does China look at this?

A: We have noted the relevant report. All countries have the right to make their own decisions about who they want to cooperate with and how. We respect the decision and choice made by India.

Railway cooperation is part of the important consensus reached by leaders of China and India. Be it President Xi Jinping's state visit to India in September last year or Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to China in May this year, agreement was reached to speed up practical cooperation across the board, with the railway sector as an important part. Relevant departments of the two countries are in close communication on implementing the consensus, pushing forward cooperation on building high-speed railways and speeding up trains and other specific issues, striving for new progress in relevant cooperation.

Q: Reports say that the Merited State Chorus of the Korean People's Army and the Moranbong Band are going to perform in China. What does the exchange mean to China-DPRK relations? Does the Foreign Ministry have any information about the itinerary of the art groups?

A: The goodwill visit and performance of the DPRK art groups in China are not within the remit of the Foreign Ministry. I have no information about their itinerary. The DPRK is a close neighbor of China. We would like to continue with our friendly cooperation with the DPRK as it serves the interests of the two countries and contributes to peace and stability of the region. We always believe that state-to-state exchanges and cooperation in various forms will help increase mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples.

Q: The ROK military reportedly said that the ROK navy fired warning shots at a Chinese fishery administration vessel that passed across the Northern Limit Line yesterday afternoon to force it back. Can you confirm that?

A: We are concerned about the relevant situation. The Chinese Embassy in the ROK has contacted relevant department of the ROK for verification and clarification. Information from relevant department shows that there hasn't been any report of Chinese vessels or personnel being impacted. We will keep a close eye on how things play out, stay in communication with the ROK side and ask them to ensure the safety of Chinese personnel and vessels.

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