Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks on the Outcomes of the Paris Climate Conference

On December 12, Paris time, the Paris Conference on Climate Change adopted the Paris Agreement and related decisions, which marked a historic moment in the international campaign against climate change. The Chinese side welcomes that.

The Paris Agreement put in place a global mechanism to deal with climate change centered on the post-2020 Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, reaffirmed commitment to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities established by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and took into consideration concerns of all parties. It is a comprehensive, balanced and ambitious agreement. This result does not come easily by. We appreciate the efforts made by all participants, the host country France in particular, for the success of the conference.

The Chinese side has been working hard for a successful negotiation in Paris. To make that happen, President Xi Jinping made joint statements with leaders of relevant countries and gave a detailed introduction to China’s proposition of enhancing cooperation on climate change at the opening ceremony of the Paris conference which served as an important political guidance to the negotiation. The Chinese delegation, who took a responsible, cooperative and constructive part in the negotiation, played an important role in bringing the Paris conference to a final deal. This gives full expression to China’s sense of responsibility as a major country in tackling climate change.

The Paris conference is a new starting point for international cooperation on climate change. Together with the international community, the Chinese side will contribute more to the global endeavor against climate change.

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