Excerpt of Foreign Ministry Regular Press Conference on October 28, 2020

Q: In interviews with Indian media on October 27, Pompeo once again lashed out at China and the CPC, claiming that "When it comes to the Chinese Communist Party, the entire world is the frontline to the ambition, national rejuvenation." Do you have any comment?

A: Trying to paint China as a threat is nothing but a cliche from Pompeo's repertoire of lies. He called the Chinese government, towards which the Chinese people's satisfaction exceeds 93 percent, a "tyranny", misrepresented BRI cooperation between 138 countries and 30 international organizations and China as "predatory activities", and maligned the 1.4 billion Chinese people's pursuit of national rejuvenation through peaceful development as a "threat". What he wants essentially is for China to regress to poverty and backwardness, and for the world to backslide into the abyss of confrontation and division. This, more than anything else, poses the greatest threat to the world today.

Unfortunately for Pompeo, he was not born into the right era. Today, the trend for peace, development and win-win cooperation is invincible. Poverty and backwardness is no longer the synonym for any country, nor is development and strength the exclusive prerogative of any country. Pompeo's malign lies and smears can neither erase the fact that China is committed to peaceful development and win-win cooperation nor stop the momentum of the Chinese people's pursuit of national rejuvenation. China is an opportunity, not a threat, a partner, not a rival. This is the consensus of the vast majority of countries. The anti-CPC, anti-China words and deeds by the likes of Pompeo that fan confrontation and division are by no means a force for good. They run counter to the universal aspiration for development and cooperation and are eventually doomed to fail.

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