Excerpt of Foreign Ministry Regular Press Conference on November 9, 2020

Q: After most American media declared Biden's victory of being elected as the president of the United States, leaders of many countries sent congratulatory messages to him. Why has China been dilatory in making a statement? Is it because you think the outcome of the US presidential election is still uncertain, or do you have other considerations? When will China send a congratulatory message?

A: On your first question, we noticed that Mr. Biden has declared election victory. We understand the presidential election result will be determined following the U.S. laws and procedures.

On your second question, we will follow international customary practices.

We always believe China and the United States should strengthen communication and dialogue, manage differences on the basis of mutual respect, expand cooperation based on mutual benefit, and promote the sound and stable development of China-U.S. relations.

Q: Now Joe Biden is president-elect. He's spoken out in the past unfavorable to China. How does the Chinese side feel about his platform given that it will likely dictate China-U.S. relations in the years to come?

A: China's position on relevant issues is consistent and clear. China is firmly determined to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests. We always hold that China and the US should manage existing differences on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs to achieve the sound and steady development of bilateral relations. We hope the new administration will work together with China in the same direction.

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